Building the Future of Health

June 2 10:00-11:00

PBL Session: Healthy Urban Living Pt. 1

Perspectives, Empiricism and Policy Options

Cities are facing new challenges in the field of transformation towards a circular economy, enhancing quality of life and a more socially-inclusive environment, as well as creating an enabling and adaptive environment for health promotion and behavior, and for welfare, health care, and quality of life. This means that (social) organizations, entrepreneurs, policy makers, administrators and research institutes - more than ever - need to work together on transformation challenges and investment agendas for healthy, social and caring cities of the future. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) organizes this session around empiricism, perspectives, and policy options.


1. Opening | Introduction - Leendert van Bree, PBL, Chair
2. Health in urban futures - Guus de Hollander, PBL
3. Potential of big data for healthy urban living policies - Martin Dijst, Utrecht University
4. Discussion (speakers, audience)

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