Building the Future of Health

June 1 14:00-18:15

AFFR Movie Theatre

A special selection of divers short films from the archive of the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. The various stories have been selected for their peculiarity, which make you wonder about the current state of affairs.

A short movie shot in Groningen will be shown to complement the programme: Home = Here. CBK Groningen (Groningen’s arts centre) invited artists Martin and Inge Riebeek to live in the Selwerd neighbourhood in Groningen for a while. The stimulus was a small newspaper article which identified the people of Selwerd as Groningen’s unhappiest community. The artists arrived to research the fact. Who are the people living in Selwerd? How do they view life and how much does their environment influence this? How is their wellbeing and how does this compare to other parts of the world?

The information was collected, collated and processed into a video piece entitled Home = Here; a personal portrait of Selwerd and its inhabitants, aligned with portraits of people from other regions of the globe.

(The Netherlands, 2015, 36', by assignment of: CBK Groningen)

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