Building the Future of Health

June 2 16:30-17:30

ZonMw Session: Expanding Knowledge, Challenging Future?

Integrated Service Areas for ageing people

Research funded by The National Care for the Elderly Program (NCEP) shows that Integrated Service Areas (ISA’s) (Dutch: woonservicegebieden) have positive effects on the wellbeing of (frail) older people. After a short review of the concept of ISA’s and their effects in the frame of ageing in place policies, we will pay special attention to urban-rural differences, and to the relationship with the quality of public space(s). In some of the ISA’s we then take a closer look at how ageing people become aware of the (potential) need to anticipate on adapting their housing situation. A second project investigates how the (built) environment conditions the provision of informal care and the quality of life of older people. It draws on TOPICS/MDS, a dataset collected by the NCEP. The workshop will be concluded by a discussion on the future of ISA’s (and similar concepts) in the changing context of society, practices and policies.

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