Building the Future of Health


Healthy Life Alliance

The vision and mission of the Healthy Life Alliance (HLA) aim to achieve an economically sustainable health care system focussing on Healthy Living (Healthy Life). From a holistic approach, the following are identified: Health & Healthcare, Health & Food, Health & Healthy Living and Health and Work and Leisure. With the supporting domains: ICT / Technology, Knowledge, Security, Logistics and Mobility. To realize this vision and to achieve impact, the goal is to expand partners who are active in the mentioned domains. In other words: ‘improving impact by accelerating network growth’.

This ambition requires a multi-disciplinary approach. It also fits in with the vision and mission of the University Medical Center Groningen ('Building the future for health) and that of the Noaber Network which initiated the HLA. Moreover, the development of the HLA is a naturel next phase of the development of the unique connection between Mayo Clinic (USA), University Medical Center Groningen / University of Groningen, VitaValley and Noaber Network.

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